Corporate Fish Written by Xanthos Likes. Illustrated by Mary Barrows. - Fiction
The fish have taken over the office and threatened poor Jason Mason with war. Over what? You ask. DIET FISH FOOD!

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Pants On My Head & Furry Caterpillar Written by Kelley M Likes. Illustrated by Mary Barrows. - Nursery Rhymes

This is a two-part book, which includes: 

Pants On My Head is a fun rhyme to help a young one get dressed. I used to sing it with my children, all the time!

The main characters in Furry Caterpillar are Daxton and Jared Likes! Follow them as they take a walk in the park!!

Available in: Doesn't Read Book 1: The Flying Aardvark Written by Kelley M Likes. Illustrated by Mary Barrows. - Fiction 

Jacob Read loved everything about his name. Well, almost everything. He didn’t like it when people called him Jacob Red, like the color. Or assumed he actually liked to read. Jacob didn’t like to read. At all. Not a word, not a phrase, not a sentence, not a paragraph, and definitely not an entire book.

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The only way to recover from codependency is to love and care for yourself and not worry or try to control others. The first steps are always the hardest and often reap the greatest rewards.

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Bob's Bathroom Book Written & Compiled by Kelley M Likes - Non-Fiction

My first "Bob" Student, well, I can't actually remember who he was. I do remember he said something that was so funny I had to turn my back to the class. I turned and started to erase the whiteboard. When the spot I was erasing was clean, Bob said, "I think that spot is clean!" and I moved a little to the left and cleaned some more. Tears were streaming down my face, I was trying so hard to hold the laughter in. When I turned around, Bob said, "Mrs. Likes, you've been crying, are you ok?" I turned around and started erasing the now clean board until the bell rang. I hope you enjoy my Bob Stories. I hope one day you will find yourself being a Bob Student. 

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Dennis and the Momma Violin Written by Kelley M Likes - Fiction

Dennis’ mom loved to go shopping. She would spend hours standing in front of her favorite shoe store daydreaming about all the wonderful shoes she would love to buy. Dennis was forced to go along day after day. Usually, he just sat on the small bench in front of the store. He would glance around at the other stores, but nothing really caught his attention, that was until he noticed the big red “NEW” sign in the window of a music store. The sign was placed in front of the most amazing thing Dennis had ever seen. It was huge, dark, and shiny. The most magnificent thing Dennis had ever laid his eyes on. He had seen smaller versions, but this, this had to be the Momma Violin.

Day after day, Dennis stood in front of the music store, while his mom stood in front of the shoe store...

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The Dragon in the Tree Written by Kelley M Likes - Fiction
Brynic saves the lives of several villagers and loses his life. He is granted future life through a Dragon Tree and a girl named Birdie. Get your own origami dragon to fold and create!

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