2017 was an amazing year for Likes Publishing. We published the much loved 2nd grader, Jacob Read's adventure on presentations in Jacob Doesn't Read Book 1: The Flying Aardvark. This book has quickly become a favorite for local elementary school children. It's wonderful to hear feedback from 2nd Grade teachers, who love the book and love reading it to their students. 

Xanthos has returned home from his two-year mission. He is working hard to expand Corporate Fish into a series involving endangered species. This series will feature Chase, the blogging fish. You can follow Chase on Twitter @chasefishblog. He's out to educate kids about endangered species. 

And the 2016 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD Goes To:

Corporate Fish!


 Congratulations to Xanthos Likes!

We are here to help!  Though we mainly publish our own stories, we have been, at times, known to help authors self-publish their work, create websites, and market themselves.