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Creating Your Picture Book Dummy:

 A Layout Guide for 32, 40, & 48 Page Picture Books

Everything you need to know about creating your picture book masterpiece!

Walks have never been more fun! Especially when you are on the lookout for furry caterpillars. 

Getting dressed shouldn't be hard, but sometimes you have to turn things inside out and upside down. 

Jacob doesn't like to read. At all. Not a word, not a phrase, not a sentence, not a paragraph, and definitely not an entire book. 


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Anecdotes to make you smack your hand to your forehead and ask, Did that just happen? 


Available in Paperback:

Every dragon knows humans are dangerous, satyrs are magical, and bravery has its own reward. 

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Prodigy―a young person endowed with exceptional musical abilities  and a love of beautiful instruments. 

 COMING 2023

1 on 1 Critiques

Two Part Virtual Critique:

~Initial Critique (30 Minutes)

~Follow-Up Critique (30 Minutes)

~Discounted Additional Critiques!

*Please be prepared to email your work one (1) week prior to the critique.

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A new fictional short story series chronicling adventures in teaching.




It isn't always pretty, it isn't always fun, it isn't always rewarding, but we do it anyway...because of them.

Freedom from Food Addiction

The addiction I never asked for. 

6 Years Sober

Let me know if you need a sponsor.

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Kelley M Likes

Kelley M Likes is a wife, mother of five spectacular children, self-published writer - she loves writing and creating stories to share with children and teens. She's a retired teacher, B+ Latter-day Saint & Missionary Mom, Recovering Codependent - find her journey @ In her free time, she is the CEO of LikesSkincare - learn more @ She's a mini-stroke survivor and brain tumor host.



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My Journey Began...

A little about me...November 2018, I woke up extremely dizzy. I thought I had carbon monoxide poisoning. After a few hours of things not getting better, the entire right side of my body went numb and I was taken to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, I stopped breathing. I could feel myself dying. Then I heard my daughter say, "Breathe in, breathe out," and I listened.

After hours in the hospital, the doctor came in and said, "Well good news, it isn't carbon monoxide poisoning, you had a mini-stroke, but it didn't cause visible brain damage, and you have a brain tumor. Do you have any questions?"

We had lots of them. We found out, "slow-growing, non-cancerous, operable," were all good words. For months, I didn't do much except wait...referrals, specialists, and more doctors to see.

I struggled every day with memory issues and processing information. I slowed down a lot. I guess Heavenly Father wanted me to focus on the things which are truly important. I spent more time with my family.

I sat and pondered things. Not because I wanted to, but because it's all I was really able to do. Days flew by and I'm not sure I did much.

I still tried to write, but it was hard. I took naps often. Some days my brain just stopped and so did I.

In 2020, I discovered Bright Line Eating. My body began to heal, my mind began to clear. In 2022, I started writing again. 

My tumor is still there. It rests on my optic and ear nerves. Which means my vision is wonky and my balance is not balanced. I have days when I'm too dizzy to do anything except sleep, but I'm still here. Still writing, still working, still hoping and dreaming. 

I'm working full-time at my day job and am still trying to make Likes Skincare a household truly is an amazing product.

I love my family. I am grateful for all the slack they pick up. I'm grateful for all the love they give. I'm grateful to still be here. I'm grateful I listened to the voice of my daughter and breathed in.